Every donation matters

Donating to Backcountry Santa is a great way to pass on the blessings you and yours have enjoyed. It’s an expression of gratitude, an act of compassion and a means by which to tie our communities together. Whether it’s the Holiday Season, or any season, giving to Backcountry Santa lets you help another family enjoy the comforts of a stocked pantry,  the happiness of opening a present, and so much more! 

Backcountry Santa does not have full-time staff or overhead. 100% of your donations go directly to those in need.

Backcountry Santa is operated by Backcountry Santa, Inc. Backcountry Santa, Inc. is a public charity that is qualified as a 501(c)(3) charity. Talk with your tax advisor about the tax deductibility of your contribution.

Donate Funds

Cash donations are used to purchase goods requested by tribal chapters. These goods are usually include items such as warm clothing, cold remedies, diapers, and food.

Donate Goods

You can purchase items from our Amazon registry if you would rather donate goods in kind.

Visit Our Amazon Registry

Our Amazon Registry is closed, but check back next year. 

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