People. Not Pounds.

Bound by the common purpose of supporting our neighbors, Backcountry Santa is a collective of pilots that makes seasonal deliveries throughout the Mountain West. Our motto, “People, Not Pounds,” is a guiding ethos for everything we do.

We’re constantly collecting food and goods to donate, but the people we serve are our true North Star. Although we fly throughout the West, we focus mainly on delivering aid to the Navajo Reservation. Many of our employees at Huish Outdoors are Navajo, so sending goods to this region is a way to close the loop and do good for our immediate community.

Large parts of the Navajo Nation struggle with economic insecurity, so we seek to help combat these water and food shortages. On the deepest level, we strive to deliver holiday magic to families—from infant to elder.

There are plenty of food drives and holiday programs out there, so why is Backcountry Santa different? We take Holiday Giving a step further by connecting our local communities directly to the families we donate to. Developing relationships and the passing of gratitude, one hand to another. That’s Backcountry Santa.